Saturday, August 13, 2011


for the past entries, I said FRUST TO MACAROON right??
heehhe but somehow....I REALLY WANT TO TRY IT AGAIN....
and at last.....
somehow, I MANAGE IT!!
yg ni rin buat choc macaroon and cheese filling..
want to know the recipe??

>>THE SHELL (Macaroon)
1 temperatured egg [white egg only]
30g castor sugar (CS)
50g ground almond (GA)
30g icing sugar (IS)
1/2 tspn of colouring
[powder like cocoa  , coffee  , mocha , etc & liquid like red colour , blue colour , colouring laa =D]

1. put GA & IS along with CP in blender.make sure it well blend okeyh...
[use small blender.adekan?? ^^]
2. sift the mixture and set aside..
3. while, beat the egg white with electric beater...beat until it turn bubble,smooth,soft,white color..[no liquid form]
4. then, put CS in the egg white....then beat until stiff peak....[likat,kilat,and beat well]
5. mix the ingredients into egg white....FOLD PROPERLY...not stir, but fold....
     [amik sudu leper dan mangkuk sambil bace..time nie dah letak sume mixture dlm egg white tauu...ok.gaul kan sudu tu ke arah kiri mangkuk, sampai habis...ok, JGN angkat lagi sudu tu, still kan...gaulkan  sudu tu ke arah tengah,...baru angkat....then ulang step nie sampai die sebati....]
pssssssss sudu leper nie mcm senduk kayu ke, rin pun tatau la name pekakas ni... 
=..=' ehhe
6. then, put the mixture into the piping bag..
     [if you dont have it, u may use plastic..then at the end of the plastic you cut it small hole..not to small or big..medium size...]
7. make sure you double the plastic bag, so not messy~and compress all the mixture inside the plastic bag before you cut you can press easily...
8. make sure also, your pan already covered by aluminum foil or paper (that use for bake), easy to take off the macaroon later...
9. press the macaroon and leave some space between the macaroons...if you beginner (like me though ^^) you leave the space really big between the macaroons....and the size of the macaroon are depends on you....
10. if easier,before BAKE... put the macaroon in the refrigerator for depends few mints or an hour...BEFORE BAKE,MAKE SURE WHEN YOU TOUCH THE MACAROON ITS NOT STICKY!!!
11. with 150C...bake for 10-12 minutes. FOR THE FIRST 5 MINT,heat on the TOP only!!! THEN, ANOTHER 5 MINT, heat on the BOTTOM only and CHANGE the tray direction!!

psssssssssssss nak paham lagi try tgk kat youtube and search abot this macaroon....
**** ade method diorg BOIL the SUGAR!!
tapi kalau gune care ni pun boleh....****

8 oz / 250g cream cheese [CC]
4 oz butter [B]
2 cups castor/icing sugar (kalau nak crunchy gune castor ^^) [S]
1/2 tspn of lemon zist (rin gune strawberry flavouring) [L]
1/2 tspn vanilla flavouring [V]
***[rin add 1 tbspn of cocoa powder...TAPI DEPENDS KORGNYE KESUKAAN!!!]

1. beat the CC , B , L & V using electric beater...beat it well...
2. then, put the S one  spoon owlat the time,by means slowly...

1. make sure, when you want to take off the macaroon..LET IT COOL FIRST!!or not it well crack!
2. the filling is depends on your taste, if it tooooo sweet, then add more cream cheese @ cocoa powder...but dont make the filling taste bitter~ alter the taste with trial and error..okey?? ^^
    [like me, the cheese i make is really sweet...THATS why i put some cocoa powder to kill the sweetness..but i do it 1 tspn at the time...then i taste it...until i satisfied! ^^]
3. ok, do it like bread and butter....spread and bam...spread and bam...

1st time buat = XJADI LGSG
2nd time buat = JADI SKET..
3rd time buat = hahahahaha xde makne...

any comment??ask me??


  1. antooo sniiiii... ak kt uma cousin ni.ehehe

  2. hahah...cpat2 pos lju hntar ke umah kte...
    he3 =P

  3. haha!!naz try la~ ^^
    byk gak kene trial and error~
    hummmmm duit2~
    tapi takpela...niat belaja kan??


=) i wonder....