Saturday, July 31, 2010

University Life~

hard to believe....
I'm now study in matter what people's thought, just be yourself n do whatever it takes to success in REALITY! easy like go with the flow...I'm quite frustrating! because the 1st choice is act UKM..then followed by UTM, then UiTM....hahaa my mom always pray that my college is near by the house because just 1 reason easy to sent n fetch from home to U~ n easy to me for bullying them to fetch me or sent me!!save BUDGET! then there it mom's wish was blessed..maybe there are good things will be happen for me and my family for studying there...but the field i choose is still the same for those 3 U which Chemical Eng... is that ok?ahha

when my lecture ask all of us(Chemical Eng students),"do you all really want this field very-very-much?" some of us say frankly,"no madam!this is my 7th choice.." but our lecture persuade us everyday when she came to our class to love this field and feel no regret to have been chosen or whom that really want this field so much~gheee

seriously,i really "zero minded" when they(lecture,family,so on) ask about what is Chemical Eng anyway,what their career,and to compare btw Electrical and Mechanical Eng,our field is not popular yet. i choose my field based from my results and where I'm better of..

now I'm studying there for 1 month.friends,roommate,lecture for this time being is quite good.hopefully it turns up well until i finish my degree here...fuhhh AMIN!soo wish me luck readers!and sorry for my GRAMMAR ERROR~ ahha insyaALLAH i will improve my vocab and grammar...if my mom read this sure she will ask me to read more and more english books!

sooo continue later on~^^0