Sunday, November 21, 2010

4 letter that make one word~

salam ^^0~

ok.... what 4 letter that make a complete one word that show our feeling to someone we connect to..

s + o + m + e = some??
w + i + n + d =wind ...
f + a + n + s = fans!!!
w + h + a + t =what @#$% =..=


not...not at all~
hahaha...but thanks 4 trying~ ^^
of course!
it is l + 0 + v + e = (shout guys) LOVE ~
and whatsoever that no one cant live without it~

what all people say nowadays, its complete our puzzle-life! is not just love for someone who we will spend our live together~
it is also for


it is easier to love with them except to our love one!!
agreed???ahhaha =D (gheee kidding~but true right??)

why i say so? hmmm...thats because...really im scared to fall in love in this age or in my life! i just think its make my world maybe HAPPY for begining with sweet memories together n whatsoever SWEET things we do together~ghaaaaaaaaaaahaaha =P BUT then..have a FIGHT with small matters or maybe MOST-BIGGEST-EVER'ST MATTERS...and THE END~break up as the conclusion~ maybe the girl...start first...or maybe the boy~something like cheating...betrayal~or whatsoever that broke their heart apart!!!

hummmm..why it must be like this?? ya..not all people like this..and im not praying it for happen to anybody..but....some of them it does happen...and i just thought about their marriage life then??hmmmm divorce as conclusion???please NO! if divorce about something else like abusive case or anything like this kind...maybe its ok..because its a good thing to save someone life and make their life more better and get a happy condition after this...

but how about....ya...mmm no attractiveness, not good at cooking, and those kind that can change in a better way suppose like by appointment with a counselor or face-to-face with his or her or anyhow & anyway to save the MARRIAGE...these can avoid divorces! anyhow can...if there is will, there is a love... hmmm...but just a word nobody knows how it turns either well or not so well..hmmmm...bu the way, i hope my future marriage (hehe im still studying lorhh~) and our future marriage are forever and with god bless!!huuuuu

take a deep breath...and 1,2,3....FUHHH! too emotional right?but it is the FACT!! or maybe it is because im wrote it in 2:40 am~huuuu SLEEPY~ but i want to!!i want to wrote this~^^ now i notice something..i love to use MAYBE!!!hueeee

ya....i never fall in love before....true love...or love at the first sight...^^ kinda sweet~but NOT EASY TO GET IT~i really love the LOVE comes fate? (hopefully my fate is okay~AMIN!YA RABBAL ALAMIN!!) yaa nobody want a bad history in their love life!!! everyone want a happy ending life...yaa a villain like CHUCKY does!

the prob is...everybody in the world says just the same thing over and over again~ "in relationship needs higher level of believe in each other and understand each other better..." how???...
before marriage maybe all like sweety-pie-cake... and after marriage like over-baked-cake!!hummm....
ya im tooo over-think of it....

my mom said "let it be....let it be a story for u..maybe it is a sad or like a dream come true story...all of it makes ur experience more higher so the experience you may help other people in such a hard life....maybe god want a better life for you,or a test for you or also a you can think what have you done in years and take it as a good thing to help yourself and others..."

"redha" or have a faith~ =)


in Islam...they teach us to have a love or fall in love with someone (must opposite sex like men with women not men with men) that we already known or interested with by after married....

mmmm easy to say,another way to have more blessed life =)... mmm ya maybe it is hard..because we didn't know their personality better because it is more better to love them before married..but it is not good for those not married yet because anything worse might be happen like have a baby or a bad gossip that can make people to look down or think badly about Islam.. because Islam not teach like that and ALLAH SWT hate that is why to avoid anything bad happen,married first than its ok....

of course the person are mus
t have a clean and healthy background... because Islam doesn't want the husband and wife will suffered with diseases they have or unsatisfied with the married-life due to a forced marriage with the one we didn't know...

not..not like that...just Islam want them have a good life with have kids after married so the kids will be happy to have their real dad and mommy and better life..but if the person already want to married someone who get untreated diseases or OKU , Islam not stops them, they can married..but it is a tough and kind work (yup salute for them!).. it is just because the person must take care both feelings and think carefully how will their manage all of this so their marriage will have an agreement by both sides~because Islam is simple and not hard, but people make it hard!

hmmm....whatever will happen...just take care of matter is small matter...while you remember god and do what he says and avoid what he hate...all will be ok~INSYAALLAH~AMIN~YA RABBAL ALAMIN~

GHEE.....sorry with my language!PLEASE....i don't want to confuse all of you...
maybe you guys don't understand like what i understand...just i do not know how to explain more it better..with my wrong grammar =) not good in explaining...serious...but i try~
if you guys have any question or any correction with what i wrote,PLEASE I URGED YOU TO CORRECT ME!!!hummmmmm
love to share with you guys~ ^,^

hope all turns well..amin~

? story 4 2day....let c..hmmmm

okey2....i have an idea~
how about....short form or quote or abbreviations words for today topic..

fyi...hihi ^^ above tittle is like this actually:
? story 4 2day..let c..hmmmm
for today see

ehhe hmmm...there are movie or drama that i have watched have shown those abbreviations~but i just remember wild child (2008) movie and bring it on(2000)

-fyi..for your information
-sula..sweat upon lips atter
(what does atter mean??i think its mean something harsh~when i search the state that atter is from an Old English word n means guys know??)
-otr..on the road (is it exist?hahaha just wrote it!)
-otw..on the way friends forever @ boyfriends forever ghee~ the way @ between
-bof..boys over flower (korean drama or in japan hana yori dango) friends forever with an old people
-nfw..not feeling well @ no freaking way @ no free water straits time @ non stop talking!
-bh..berita harian wide web @ world wide war @ world without women @ WE WILL WIN
-wtf..what the f**k @ what the fuss @ what this for @ water the flowers
(if my mom know this word she will say that to i will be the one to water the garden..=..=!)
-wth..what the heck~
-oic..oh i see @ organization of Islamic conference
-jb.. just busted @ just because @ ahaha Justin Bieber of course ^^!!
-kit..keep in touch @ keep it together @ ermmm kitchen
-omg.. oh my god @oh my goodness
-dbsk..dong bang shin ki ^^
-SJ..super junior
-gg..gossip girl
-hp..harry potter!! @ Hewlett Packard
-myob..mind your own bussiness
-fbi..friendly but ignorant @ far behind intelligence @ fine beautiful intelligent @ fat bloated inspector @ four basic improvement
-mysm..miss you so much ^^3 you so much
-dtm.. dont touch me it yourself
-fb..facebook @ fake boyfriend @ feed back soon as possible
-ngo..non government organization
-km..kilometre @ kilometer hehe
-am..Ante Meridiem (before noon)
-pm..Post Meridiem (after noon)

hueee....wanna know more just click here ABBREVIATONSSS
sometime its fun when we talk to our friends...hehe but carefully when you use it!

btw then...
TTYL guys!!!hehehe!
ok then that is your homework find it yourself what "ttyl" means~
gtg & kit!!^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

going back home!!!

salam sumee~
balik umah....tadi punye la penat....dari tingkat 4 turun bawah....kalo ade loft tape la jugak...nie...alahai~kalo tak turun berat badan...hampehh~huk3.....

after abes exam jek.....keluar pegi tesco ngan pakcik teksi...heehehee da xmain da bas2 nie....mentang2 da abes exam...cehhh...baru sem 1~ehhe saje2 jek...bosan la pegi pkns..sacc mall...plaza alam sentral~aduiii....sooo pegi la tesco....hahaha
TAPI!!! before pegi tesco tu.....memang jam gile!! pakcik tu ckp...jarang jalan kat sini jam....mest ade sumthg ni.....betol la tuh~ nak tau sumthg happen~

ini la happennye~tapiii.....tade la teruk camnieh...astaghfirullahalazim....
pakcik tu suh la tgk..ape je yg accident???sbb byk kete menyimpang ke kanan....kirenye...accident tu berlaku kat sblh kiri jalan la....
so...tgk la...nampak la ade wane merah....merate2 atas jalan~macam jeli....ingat kan makanan ke ape ke...mmg pikir makanan je time nie...maklum la...waktu makan tak fikir pape la..
pastu....tgk jeli tu makin lame makin besar...time tu banyak sangat nak tgk tu agak susah la...ingat kete yg accident..rupenye motor....tatau la cite die cemane...
rin tadi selamat...rasenye kete tu kemek je...motor tu la yg paling teruk kene...rin nampak die terlantar kat atas jalan..time nie mmg ramai ar berhenti....maybe "media massa" kot..and ade polis duk siasat....tubuh die kene tutup...tapi kepale die tak kne tutup..and nampak kain tudung...mungkin die nie adelah seorg pempuan....andaian semate2 je nieh..
rin tak pasti la same ade die ni penunggang motor ke ape ke pembonceng ke....rin nampak tapak kaki die jauh dari die.....soo...mmmm paham2 je la...
rin harap sangat die selamat....pakcik teksi nie buat andaian la..die dari lorong motor nak masuk highway....soo...time die nak tukar lorong..maybe kete yg kat lorong ke 3 tak nampak ke terlaju ke...terlanggar la motor ni....tapi...nak ckp slah sape pun xgne da...masing2 kene pandai beringat~hummm....

ha..seperkara lagi..
rin nak mintak maaf pade mane2 pihak yg mungkin xpuas hati ngan blog rin dengan certain perkara or cerita yg rin sampaikan~
ia sekadar tujuan peringatan pada sume....
kalo ade salah...tlg sampaikan~
cehhhh....skema la plak~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i really love this song....

Zain Bhikha - Allah Knows

When you feel all alone in this world
And there’s nobody to count your tears
Just remember, no matter where you are
Allah knows
Allah knows

When you carrying a monster load

And you wonder how far you can go
With every step on that road that you take
Allah knows
Allah knows

No matter what, inside or out
There’s one thing of which there’s no doubt
Allah knows
Allah knows

And whatever lies in the heavens and the earth
Every star in this whole universe
Allah knows
Allah knows

When you find that special someone
Feel your whole life has barely begun
You can walk on the moon, shout it to everyone
Allah knows
Allah knows

When you gaze with love in your eyes
Catch a glimpse of paradise

And you see your child take the first breath of life
Allah knows
Allah knows

When you lose someone close to your heart
See your whole world fall apart
And you try to go on but it seems so hard
Allah knows
Allah knows

You see we all have a path to choose
Through the valleys and hills we go
With the ups and the downs, never fret never frown
Allah knows
Allah knows

Every grain of sand
In every desert land, He knows
Every shade of palm
Every closed hand, He knows
Every sparkling tear
On every eyelash, He knows
Every thought I have
And every word I share, He knows
Allah knows

Alhamdulillah....success in uploading this video!!!!^^

Monday, November 8, 2010


Salam all~

and a very good morning....
now my clock is at 12:41 am~a new day after yesterday~ just downloading my favourite korean drama~
playful kiss...
ghee for mee its sweet~but then.....tooooo much KISS scene~
hahaha then my friend said that..."just look at the title.."playful kiss" must many KISSING scene then~"

ohhh JUST cant wait to go home...because i want to watch A LOT japan and korean drama~
likeeee :
  • unubore keiji (actor:Tomoya Nagase)
  • sunao ni narakute (actor:Kim Jae Joong) ^3^
  • natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku (actor:Matsumoto Jun)
mmmm ok thats all....hahaa (sorry ibu....because of me you pay all those bills~ eheh)


i really love to draw....eventhough my drawing just a simple one...not very nice...not very comic type...but then its is my drawing~huhuhu hope my drawing will change a bit nicer~
im really jealous those who can draw EXTRAVAGANZA NICE!!

arhhhh such a talented people >0<

^^0~ when im bored studying~i will draw-and-draw till im satisfied....
but i hope it does not make my result emmmmmm....i hate to speak that word!!! >'0'


my teacher always...ALWAYS.....say to us,
"what u get...its what u work for...what u earn..its what u worth dont mad to God if u fail in ur life..but mad to urself that doesnt work hard to achieve it"
mmmm...kinda true~ he is so spiritual...eventhough when he just came in to our class..he will start bubbling all these stuff..but for us it is a good advice that shape us until now...hummmmm thanks....


ok mine MOTIVATE words...ahaksss i hope my words turns good...gheee
sorry for bad english~hummmm i keep try to speak and wrote better...

for those who cant see...
here it goes~

What ever happen, keep remind that 'I' can achieve anything unless you believe in yourself, your believes, and keep work on it.
Even you fail one day because no one knows when their victory day will come.
So continue to achieve as successful person in your life...



hueee.....ok???HAHAHA sound funny right~HUUUU
stops laughing thennn~it hurts...
hahahhaha but cant!i think my words huuuu miss trouble english~


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


today, bahasa ibunde la plak~bahasa melayu!!ok2??
haa..jangan ingat milo lain..ingat milo ventigemile??^^0 tu tape~
actually hari ni nak cakap pasal MILO yg makanan tuuu~ sedapkan2~ haa da berkeroncong da perut.... =I
hummm...kite suke sgt makan milo serbuk + susu pekat = :9
sdappppnye!!kwn2 ckp manis...tapi...jgn la taruk susu pekat tu banyak2...
hahaha mane taknye..huaaa...skang nie milo serbuk da abis~huaa da ketagih da ni...haha
kalo duk umah milo serbuk + aiskim = ;D huaaaa lagi sedap!!!kalo cikai lagi, mmmm milo serbuk + air milo = :) haa ok la tuh~
first time cube pon, dkat warung...huuu sedap2~air milo die x manis sangat, pastu taruk milo banyak2...alahaii.....meleleh sudah nie.....


esok yg bertarikh 3 /11/ 2010 ialah exam MAT435....huuuu tatau da..nak wat pe...tgk je balik latihan yg pnah dibuat lupe la ape la~guane nie???
yg penting USEHE, REDHA and TAWAKAL!!!kalo bab solat tu mmg WAJIB la!!!! huuu....
korg yg baca nie doakan la yee...^^0~
lagha la plak chik ni....ok2....gomo rin gomo!!!