Monday, February 28, 2011

i LOVE promote FOOD!!!

jom MAKAN kat

jom makan @ sini!!!!


sape dah pegi sane???
time raya, rin n sekeluarga berkelah di rumah sedara yg nun dek selatan sempadan luar johor....yg digelar ontheway ABG yg baik hati ajak la saye dan ibu untuk ke sane (ICECREAM @ NILAI highway)~baik pun sebab bosan duk kat umah and da lps raye kat umah bakal isteri (insyaALLAH)..kalo x, xde maknenye ;P...ehhehe biase ar org dgn green light ibu yg disayangi dan kehadiran kerajinan abg ku utk mdrivekan kitorg ke sne...

first impression: LAPAR...

tatau la nape...kalo jumpe kedai makan jek...mesti perut terus berbunyi...hobi perot dtg la waiter utk mengambil pesanan mknn...
mesti la order pun ice room...tak men ar order keuw teow goreng ke lamb chop ke...x masyuk!soo rin order strawberry pe tah name ABG order peanut butter and my IBU order "share ngan rin je la"... =..= itu mmg kebiasaan...haha
sbb my IBU slalu ckp, kalo rin mkn mesti x abeh nyeee~
hello3...abeh tau!!
bab icecream im the king!!!HAAHAHHAA
amat puas hati....dgn harga pun quite affordable...
so.....kene gak abehkan icecream tuh~heheee
abg rin xske sgt icecream...die leyh suh rin abehkan...tapi be4 die suh mmg rin bdoa pada ALLAH SWT supaye die kasi rin mkn~waaa alhamdulillah!
why??sbb my ABG nieh tak ske share2...die pantang la...mcm kalo org tu makan sayur pastu minum air die...perhhhhh sanggup die beli yg baru....kalo org tu mkn ayam pastu minum air die..die btolak ansur sket....haaaaa
so aritu rin kan makn strawberry, disebabkan die xdpt abehkn, die terpakse berkongsi aiskim die ngan rin...yum3 peanut butter die sedap...
my IBU time tu khusyuk dgn FB die....
ha kat sane ade WIFI...sooooo best la on9...

pesanan ringkas:kalo makan aiskim jgn la order air sejuk....menggigil satu badan tauuu~so order air stable~

Strawberry FLAVOUr

Peanut butter FLAVOUr

Saturday, February 26, 2011

my ABG convo~

wahhh...da convo dah abg aku niehhh~
may ALLAH bless you forever and always in whatever you do~
ibu always touching with any situations that relate with her kids...moreover like this ceremony~hummmm im so touched too~
its start early at 7.00 am for registration of the student's parents or family that may be sat in the who comes early, you can enter the hall and watched the ceremony.but for those late and the hall was full, you just waited outside the hall and watched the ceremony through the lcd screen~
the program was really efficient and sharp when the ceremony will start and end~
for me, its really bored!coz have to wait the TOP professor of the CUCMS and others as well (the counselors and the lecturers) to come, then the ceremony will started....
but when the program was set at 12:45pm is lunch hour, the speech form the TOP professor are also finish at sharp time~ after taking pictures and whatsoever poses we do in front of the camera...we go to lunch~the lunch time are also nice and simple~gheee and i got 5 scoop of icecream!!yummy~

you know,,, when i look successful person, i really jealous with them...
but then, i know it is good to be jealous so we may be inspired to success like them~
why am i not turned to be more hardworking and more responsible to my family...hmmmmmmm "its just a jealous that nothings and meaningless"
i dunno where my effort goes to~so scared with my future soon~with all the problems i had go through, hope make me more tough and more matured in life~ngeeee
so study!!!ish3 don't forget to pray tooo!!ehhheheheh

^^0 peaceee

Sunday, February 13, 2011


masa:mlm smalam...

esok ade lah hari CHEC 11...wajib sume part untuk dtg....bukan men lagi...dpt kupon free tuh~rm5 untuk pagi..rm7.50 utk ptg~CHESS 11 (persatuan) ade bukak rin n kwn rin lag 2 org yg malas nk amik bahagian (explorace,marathon,sukaneka,tarik tali...uishhh ;D) dgn sukarelanye untuk menjaga gerai~
so dgn arahan SU and perintah PRESS , kiteorg kenela datang seawal yg on alarm (lagu blog rin nieh)!

masa:pg tadi~

adelah hari paling bersejarah~kene bangun pagi seawal yang mungkin untuk ke padang kolej seroja...trima kasih jam loceng nset nokia...anda amat berharga....set kul 6 am...bgnnye 6.40 am....ade masalah teknikal dimaafkan....siap jek...btolak lah kami ke padang seroja~huuuu

yang takleh blah nye....sume part ade COLOUR baju masing2~ part 1,3,5 n 7 bju rumput...part 2 baju digi....part 4 baju putih...part 6 baju hotlink...part 8 baju celcom~
mmg ceria btol la.....

gerai kiteorang len dari yg len...SIMPLE, EASY,MONEY!!!!
  • RM 0.50 : lollipop (bdak2 ske,adult pun ske...abih gigi rongak)
  • RM 1 : satu cucuk ade 3 ketul of nugget and bebola & satu paket jambu potong.
  • RM 1 : air gas (pepsi,100 +,F&N,mirinda)
  • RM 1.50 : roti aiskrim, float (whipcream + choc rice + aiskim) , nasi lemak, nasi goreng, bihun malysia & spore...
  • RM 2 : satu cucuk ade 3 strawberry and disalut chocolate...waaahhh
  • RM 3 : MINI CACTUS!!!comellll
okey x???walopun x seberape...yang penting budget kiteorg cukup!!!and sume makanan habis...memang hebat la sape yang budget kan sume nie!! ^^ syok3!!

tapi sdeyh la plak...time nak tolong ade jek dugaan~
rin nk potong jambu..tapi x reti la plak nak buang yg biji2 tuh~ amik ko...tpotong kulit jari...sbek luke jek....aduiiiiiii~MALUNYEEEEE~
xreti potong buah~

skang nie kepedihan~nak mandi susah...part amik wuduk tu kene tabah and kuatkan iman la~(nie kes xpenah potong buah nieh~)

hehe...kiteorg jage dr pukul 8am sampai 3pm lebih...and then balik~penat2!!!!sebek dpt balik trus~hehehe best gak dpt tolong dorg~ahhah

and futsal PART 2 menang!!!yehhhh~ congrats2!!korg hebat!hahaha
leh ar lwn MYTEAM nnt...eceeee

okeyla.....thats for today!!!
no picture available here.....

time to sleep...erk study~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

what i've done for my own good?!

have you ever wonder..
what the things that you have done that will give you benefits...

to answer that, there are stages:
as a son/daughter to be gently kind and respect to our parents
as a student to success!!
as a human to be a great successor in life!
as a community to keep peacefully and economy risen through the day~
as a friends to be their company when they sad,happy and whatever mood it is.
and for your own believers ,like me, im Muslim, so i've to follow all the thought that i've learned that based from Al-quran and Al-hadis and also As-sunnah that make us strong...
AMIN insyaallah~

but STILL!it is not yet answer the question right~
all of what i'm state above are the things that WE must do NOW to get OUR own good LATER or SOONER...hence, there will be no doubt or regrets in life...

why i say soo??
when you respect somebody especially your own parents including your siblings,cousins hence your life is blessfully...
when you use your efforts, courages, curiosity, and spiritual, you may gain your success in reality...makes your life more easier to get a job that you dream of it!
maybe its not TOO SUCCESSFULL for certain people but you already done your best rights???!!not many people can do it better in achieving anything they want to DOUBLE THUMBS UP FOR USSS!!
ohh yeahhhh
when you success in your life,so you can help others to be like you!!by means, help them achieving good know when you are clever than others, and you teach them what you have learned, you are gaining more cleverness!!!really!!
and god love who share their knowledge with others...^o^
when you become a great community, you help the country to improve the economy of the country and make the country more peacefully.but dont forget make your family happy ever after with your stable finance ;D with stable economy..hope so!!!
when you alone, they are for us,they will listen you, company you...and make your friendship becomes stronger with trust,believes and lot memories.....
the MOST important, when you believes,keep in faith, with god, all your work become smooth and full of blessing...makes you life more smoothest than ever....just so when you not forget to keep praying to god....SUBHANAALLAH....thanks to ALLAH that give me with such peaceful country, great of health and such a amazing family..and not forgotten thanks to ALLAH that i've born with the beautiful of ISLAM~amin!!

huuuuu sooo get it???
with all you have done will have the repay of it but depends on what you have done!
if good, then lot of benefits...if bad, you know....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

download my princess in progress~

no doubt...just relax...and click.....
but dont forget to type what you want to.....!!!

EASY AS "A B C" or "eat ice-cream" ~

i have already downloaded episode 1 until 8....thanks to user....^^
i am so satisfied when the video is in HD and ENG subs~
and thankful to TM streamyx that make my internet streamly-fasT!!!!!
so just for few minutes to complete the download!!!

what my princess are about???

the hero and heroin

^^0 ~ best actor in autumn in my heart K-drama!!!really!!!im not lying!!

credits to Viikii for the info and synopsis....