Tuesday, February 1, 2011

download my princess in progress~

no tension...no doubt...just relax...and click.....
but dont forget to type what you want to.....


EASY AS "A B C" or "eat ice-cream" ~

i have already downloaded episode 1 until 8....thanks to YOUTUBE.com user....^^
i am so satisfied when the video is in HD and ENG subs~
and thankful to TM streamyx that make my internet streamly-fasT!!!!!
so just for few minutes to complete the download!!!

what my princess are about???

the hero and heroin

^^0 ~ best actor in autumn in my heart K-drama!!!really!!!im not lying!!

credits to Viikii for the info and synopsis....


  1. hmmmm not watch yet..just download first...
    no time lorh~

    who already dwld noi wo nijiri mmm matsu jun act in thi J-drama~ i donno where to dwld ep 8 - 10....huaaaaaa

  2. lor still x dpt donlod lgi ke ep 8 tu?


=) i wonder....