Saturday, February 26, 2011

my ABG convo~

wahhh...da convo dah abg aku niehhh~
may ALLAH bless you forever and always in whatever you do~
ibu always touching with any situations that relate with her kids...moreover like this ceremony~hummmm im so touched too~
its start early at 7.00 am for registration of the student's parents or family that may be sat in the who comes early, you can enter the hall and watched the ceremony.but for those late and the hall was full, you just waited outside the hall and watched the ceremony through the lcd screen~
the program was really efficient and sharp when the ceremony will start and end~
for me, its really bored!coz have to wait the TOP professor of the CUCMS and others as well (the counselors and the lecturers) to come, then the ceremony will started....
but when the program was set at 12:45pm is lunch hour, the speech form the TOP professor are also finish at sharp time~ after taking pictures and whatsoever poses we do in front of the camera...we go to lunch~the lunch time are also nice and simple~gheee and i got 5 scoop of icecream!!yummy~

you know,,, when i look successful person, i really jealous with them...
but then, i know it is good to be jealous so we may be inspired to success like them~
why am i not turned to be more hardworking and more responsible to my family...hmmmmmmm "its just a jealous that nothings and meaningless"
i dunno where my effort goes to~so scared with my future soon~with all the problems i had go through, hope make me more tough and more matured in life~ngeeee
so study!!!ish3 don't forget to pray tooo!!ehhheheheh

^^0 peaceee


  1. abg kau study kt ane.??
    course ape.??

    (haha dh cmmnt nie)

  2. sengal la~
    CUCMS~ search le~hehehe

  3. malas nk search.!! esk aku ade test thermo !! haha~~

  4. aishhhh
    cyberjaya university college medical school
    ye kot ngah2
    papepun all the best!!


=) i wonder....