Sunday, April 6, 2014

will you be a good wife and a mother to your own family?l

besides, im currently in last semester as Chemical Engineering student.... (pray for my best...amin!!)
now, im a big girl, but still not matured in age/thinking/speaking.... haha
i am who am i in last few years, but still developing to a new and modernize world..
still the same me, alhamdulillah~ May Allah bless all of us and unite us in Jannah soon...Amin!!

Now, the topic is....
Will blah blah blah family???
seee im so lazy to type or copaste the titles above... aaha
will you be a good wife and a mother to your own family??? 
(im sure u think im copaste right click 'ctrl' + 'c' and then 'ctrl'+'v'....Youre absolutely Wrrright! :D)

in this age, 23rd, im able to be married with sum1 or known sum1 that want to married me, for sure right... (im really hope that im not in couple mode or whatsoever called, sooonerrr, im hope that Allah guide me and 'him' as well..aminnn...and for you guys love-life partner too! :D) hate seeing sweet couple receive things, mmmm maybe not hate, but envy~ really envy for them... ahhaa but deep inside my heart, im really happy for them, by means to 'them' that lead want to be married with, not the play-play one~ (nauzubillahi min zalik!!! :'( )

i dont want to be the 'searcher' my love-life partner, i want to be his 'searched'..
because i want to be
i am the one he is searched for!!

lets put aside that boring topic (but seriously sad, n a 'forever alone' memes' is in my brain right now... = ) now based on my topic above, im afraid to be obliged to someone or anybody that im loved for~ im afraid that i will lose my ego, emotional and lead to broken marriage... also, ive no experienced to be sum1 lover or even in sum1 heart...the biggest afraid is, will his family accept me and my family accept him?? but my family is a kind of, who cares?? while he able to guide you as what Islam teach, support you, accept you as his wife @ lover, and many more... the most important thing is, he or she must has the 4 criteria that Islam list for choosing his or her love-life partner...

Which are...  1st  : Wealth
                    2nd : Past generation
                    3rd  : Appearance /lookob/
                    4th   : Ad-din... Religion :)

According to the list that stated before, Islam has already make the easiest for us in choosing our partner, but US is the one who make it hard and complicated...right??hehehe 
like me, im not to easy to be inlove, but easy to get fall in love even in the first sight....
(like you dont??? ill dare you!! hahhaa... like Chace crawford?? Zayn Malik?? Iron man?? Batman?? ahahah)
seeeee... im tooo easy to fall in love ahahha..
but in Islam, we should lower our gaze to avoid anything that could be worsen the situation between the woman and man..if we see sum1 that attracting us, we should say 'Astaghfirullahalzaim' by means 'Im seeking forgiveness from ALLAH'... its better.. and in deep-deep-deep our heart, pray to god that may we gain a better partner compare to that person....Amin.... 

its not wrong to pray like that, its our choice, and may Allah ease our heart to accept whoever that has all the criteria that listed above... :) 

ermmm.. i think im far enough from the topic, ehhehe...
to simply all of what ive said, just be patient...just continue to yourself as long as you not anooyed other people and you are in the right lane..... May Allah ease all of us, our parents, our friends, our future love-life partner, our future family, our future children and all over the world (muslimin and muslimat)...amin~

Take this as your routine supplements zikr' in order to have a really-really-realllllly nice day today and towards...

PEACE  V(^^,)