Sunday, November 21, 2010

? story 4 2day....let c..hmmmm

okey2....i have an idea~
how about....short form or quote or abbreviations words for today topic..

fyi...hihi ^^ above tittle is like this actually:
? story 4 2day..let c..hmmmm
for today see

ehhe hmmm...there are movie or drama that i have watched have shown those abbreviations~but i just remember wild child (2008) movie and bring it on(2000)

-fyi..for your information
-sula..sweat upon lips atter
(what does atter mean??i think its mean something harsh~when i search the state that atter is from an Old English word n means guys know??)
-otr..on the road (is it exist?hahaha just wrote it!)
-otw..on the way friends forever @ boyfriends forever ghee~ the way @ between
-bof..boys over flower (korean drama or in japan hana yori dango) friends forever with an old people
-nfw..not feeling well @ no freaking way @ no free water straits time @ non stop talking!
-bh..berita harian wide web @ world wide war @ world without women @ WE WILL WIN
-wtf..what the f**k @ what the fuss @ what this for @ water the flowers
(if my mom know this word she will say that to i will be the one to water the garden..=..=!)
-wth..what the heck~
-oic..oh i see @ organization of Islamic conference
-jb.. just busted @ just because @ ahaha Justin Bieber of course ^^!!
-kit..keep in touch @ keep it together @ ermmm kitchen
-omg.. oh my god @oh my goodness
-dbsk..dong bang shin ki ^^
-SJ..super junior
-gg..gossip girl
-hp..harry potter!! @ Hewlett Packard
-myob..mind your own bussiness
-fbi..friendly but ignorant @ far behind intelligence @ fine beautiful intelligent @ fat bloated inspector @ four basic improvement
-mysm..miss you so much ^^3 you so much
-dtm.. dont touch me it yourself
-fb..facebook @ fake boyfriend @ feed back soon as possible
-ngo..non government organization
-km..kilometre @ kilometer hehe
-am..Ante Meridiem (before noon)
-pm..Post Meridiem (after noon)

hueee....wanna know more just click here ABBREVIATONSSS
sometime its fun when we talk to our friends...hehe but carefully when you use it!

btw then...
TTYL guys!!!hehehe!
ok then that is your homework find it yourself what "ttyl" means~
gtg & kit!!^^


  1. ha...ko ske tak yg dorg ske gune acronyms2 tu~
    mcm bff la..kit la~
    jap2 hang nie bce tol2 ke x??
    ak ske~so ak share la mende2 nie...^^
    mcm abc...hahaha ko mest tau kn?

  2. tau2 tpi mls nk bce...
    tu psl jump to conclusion je...

  3. aala!!
    bace la elok2~
    mane tau...
    faedah ke x ke~
    ahaha rasenye xfaedah~
    tapi best la kalo time nak marahke...gne acronym nie~heeh soo mencarut2 tu bleyh dikurangkan~

  4. alah...
    lau ckp bnde2 x lok 2...
    pndek cmne pun..
    mksdnye ttp yg tu kn...
    cm glkkn org tuk ckp bnde2 x bek gne acronym tu jek...

  5. hehe~
    mksd die tetap sme~
    tapikn kalo la ade org ckp mende terok cm tu kat kite atleast kite tau ape yg die ckpkn~
    kdg2 die maki kite takpun die ckp mende len~
    sng cite just as knowledge~^^


=) i wonder....