Thursday, August 14, 2014

I am Finally Graduated!!!!

Allah hu akhbar!!!

Thanks to Allah the Almighty, I am finally graduated in 
Bachelor (Hons.) Chemical Engineering this August.
Alhamdulillah, finally...Finally, I made it!!!! 
Eventhough, there are a lots of obstacle that need to go through, 
Alhaudlillah I made it..I made it with Allah bless and guidance!!!

Thanks to my family, my friends especially my mama that raised me well (just myself the naughty one :P haha, not you mama)... heeee

and many of my friends will say
"Meet you on convo day"
But,seriously not me...
 I really really kind not to feel to go to convocation~ I dont know why.. 
we will see later on...
Vote for me please.. Do I need to go?? 
hmmmm not my intention really.. ahha

Ok forget about that...For me it is small matter... 

Now, I currently want to find a job... 
Ok... finally i have my guts to seek a job... 
(insyaALLAH I will got a job that good and ease me to work.... amin!!!!!) 
that is because I want to gain my own money.. I want to feel the pressure, the tension, the stress on work~ puihhhhhhhh 

:. STOP IT .:

(>=.='' <)
I am scared ok~ really I am a human, just a human...
hahaha frankly, 
I have a nerve that kinda nervous
and will surround my body and sometimes it shakes you like you wanna dance....
and because of that dance makes you to go to bathroom... 
I am SUPERnervous...
even I have to present anything infront of my bestfriends, I am so nervous and shy...
hehhehe shy
= ^_____^ =
but just after I done that.. 
I am cool like a spider... pshhhhh pshhh (emit the spider web) hahaha 

goodluck to you
if you are fresh graduates
goodluck to you
that still want to find a job
goodluck to all of you
may Allah ease our journey
Ya Rabbal Alamin



  1. Nape x nak p convo??????
    Skali seumur hidup jer rin, kecuali ko nak sambung lagi..ehehehe

    1. ahahha~
      i donno~
      tgk la cane~ kalo rindu kawan2 nak lah pegi~ tapiiii
      if sbb amik gmbr, amik kat studio je~
      ngeeee haahhahaha

      kalo reason sbnr
      nervous!!! ahhaha ak tak ske mende2 ni~

      tapi intention nk wat master ade~ tgk la keje ak cmne, life ak cmne~ ehehhe

    2. best ape dpt pkai jubah konvo :P
      ko dekat x per lar~
      aku sambil2 p tu nak ambik scroll degree skali, susah betul nak mintak keje x de sijil tu..


=) i wonder....