Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kek Kukus COKLAT SUSU!!!! Jom Cuba = Let's Try!!! :)

Assalam.... post is about steamed cake!! :)
actually the recipe was originated from KEK BELACAN or known as KEK SADDAM HUSSIEN (same recipe but diff method)....and seriously, it is superb delicious....
all this is because from my friend's ask me to taste it, Siti Nur :)..
so, i with a good mood in baking (not in cooking..a bit lazy... ;D ) i try to search this Saddam Cake...
but all of my research is not as what i search for....then....i just try making it...

you can try this cake recipe from these trusted site's....

-KEK BELACAN by Sue-Hasue  (quite similar with Saddam Cake)

-KEK SADDAM HUSSIEN / KEK LAPIS 3 RASA by Ummi  (a 3 layers cake)

so....i have not enough ingredients to follow those i just changed a bit and make it as my own recipe..
for those who like sweet and creamy taste, you can try it....

okay for my cake!!!!!
i name it..... KEK KUKUS COKLAT SUSU = Milk Choc Steamed Cake!!! :D

3 eggs
150g butter
1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk 
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup powdered milk (I use Nespray brand)
1/3 cup brown sugar 
1/2 cup caster sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla essence

-FIRST OF ALL, boil the water in your steamer container while you prepare the cake.
- sieve the caster sugar, powdered milk, flour.
-whisk the egg 1 by 1 with butter..whisk it well..then, pour vanilla essence,cocoa powder and brown sugar..continue, whisk it...
-pour the flour gently not all in the butter mixture....then continue pour the balance flour in the mixture, then whisk it until done....
TIPS: if you want the cake more black colour, you can add a cocoa powder (but you must balanced it with sugar) or brown sugar (add with a little water)..
-you have to wipe a butter and then pour some flour on your cake tin....then,pour the mixture into it...
-steam it for 1-2 hours...
(make sure you check your cake by tick or dip it with a small thing (toothpick) check whether the cake is already cook or not...and use a knife to check the cake's side....don't cut it, just push the cake to the center...)
=..= its really tough to explain it here...i hope you do understand what i mean it...hummmm
TIPS: if your toothpick clean without any cake mixture means, its already cook...if it already cook, try to touch with your finger, it should must not stick to your hand....

fuh.....i hope you understand what i meant..
if you follow the recipe,this cake is sweet, so you need to cut it small rectangle size....
if you want to alter the recipe, you may add cocoa powder or  use less sugar... 
i hope you guys try sure you have those ingredients in your kitchen!!!

click the picture to see the cake making~ :D



=) i wonder....