Thursday, October 16, 2014

SAWADIKA..... Welcome to KRABI, Thailand.....

actually I just went there for 5 days and 4 night 
where I depart on 7th Oct and back to KL on 11th Oct 2014...
Alhamdulillah.. My friend and I have a safe trip in Krabi..
Note that, 80% residents here are Muslim..
Easy to find Halal food, and stuff..

We stay at Adam Bungalow, Aonang Beach..
We was informed that the owner of the hotel is also a Muslim..
The price here is affordable and suitable for us, backpackers..
Just RM 160 for 5 days and 4 night per 2 person...
Alhamdulillah.. The reviewers at this website 
give us more confident to choose this hotel as our place to sleep..
Not too comfy but just nice...
The workers also treat us nicely, 
eventhough we had difficult time to communicate with them..

Day 1 (7th): 
  • Just arrive at our hotel around 2 pm by bus from the Airport (50 Baht), done all packing and then we go around Aonang Town to find activity that we can spend our days in Krabi...
  • So, sad that we came at the wrong time... Its raining, and all the activity (eg: to go Island, canoeing, rafting) are prohibited especially to go Island... But, Alhamdulillah, the travel agent said, we able to go the Island around 9th - 10th Oct before we leaving.. (Never miss the ISLAND, Krabi trademark... )
  • All the activity for 4 days were cost 3600 Baht per person including our taxi fare to the Airport... 

Day 2 (8th):

  • Our first activity is rafting for 5 km only... 
  • This is my first time and I have lot of fun...
  • Food is included for lunch only.. 
  • They (the worker) will take our photo while we are rafting... And we need to pay them for 250 Baht.. Quite expensive but worth buy... :)
  • Rafting > Lunch> Baby elephant show > Waterfall (sorry cannot remember the place's name, its hard) hehe

Day 3 ( 9th Oct) :
  • Canoeing time!!!!
  • Put sunblock cream all over your face, hand... and spray mosquito repellent... 
  • What a HOT day.. I am sweating... (busukkkk...ahaha)
  • Alhamdulillah, no reptilian/amphibians/whatsoever so-geli-animal during we canoeing... RELIEVE kejap... 
  • The staff (the worker in charge) will guide us and paddle with us... :)
And so, I start wondering, 
Thailand is a fine place to explore snake, elephant and crocodile right??? 
So I ask him, 'Do the snake is around here??' and 
My friend continue, 'And so the crocodile?? Do they around here?? Nearby us??' 
so he replied, 'Don't ask or call them..They will come if you keep thinking or asking them... 
If they come, so three of us will be their food...hehe
So shhhhh....Just focus on the scenery here' 
Tersedak kat atas canoe tu...
So, dont ever ever ever say something bluntly about that!!
Zikir banyak-banyak...


  • Canoe > Headed Ghost Cave >  Lunch > Phutara River (due to rain, the water depth in the river rises from 1.5 m to 2.0 m... we just swim by hanging on the rope that they tied around the tree ^o^)

Day 4th (10th Oct):
  • Explore the Phi Phi Island and Island that nearby it...
  • PUT extra sunblock and do bring it!!! (kita dah terlebih cokelat cip sbb sun burn everywhere.. hukhukhuk)
  • A lot of foreigner that join Island trip this day.. A lot of them was relieved, finally they able to go to Island because today and days forward, there will be no rain... According to weather forecast :D
  • They said that, it is dangerous to go to Island during rainy day, a big wave might kill whoever go to the island.. 
And also not to forget, the first day we come, 
some of the foreigner (Malaysian too heehe) that we met and spoke to,
he informed us, due to rain, 2 or more foreigner was death because of 
they are drowning while swimming at Aonang beach.. (not sure whether the news is true or not) 
also, he came early to Krabi, still he not yet able to go Island due to rain...

  • So, 10th October is the day that people are able to go to Island and snorkeling... :)
  • Such a beautiful Island, with a green and such a clean sea... 
  • Island > Lunch > Snorkeling (quite dirty due to rain and not many fish because of big wave) 
  • Susah tau snorkeling, tersekat-sekat nafas~ ahahha 

Day 5th (11th Oct) :
  • Last day!!! 
  • So the last activity that we choose is ELEPHANT TREKKING...
  • Mcm naik roller coaster!!! ahahah naik roller coaster pun tak se scary ni... 
  • 'Auk! Auk! Auk!' is the main command to control the elephant eg: to stop...
  • 'Nyum! Nyum! Nyum!' is for feeding the elephant...
  • Elephant > No lunch > Airport
No money left for us to buy photo that they (the staff) took when we are riding the elephant..
The price of the photo about 120 Baht..
So, we offer our money (Malaysian ringgit MYR) but they don't want that..
Maybe, our money is quite lower than theirs.. 
Seem through, its quite expensive to change our currency in Thailand (RM to Baht)....
So do change your money before travelling... 
Suddenly, some of the foreigner (Morocco) heard our conversation, 
they offer us to buy the photo for us..
Such a miracle~
What a nice foreigner... Hope you also have a nice trip and safe journey..


No more words that I can describe our trip to Krabi...
We manage to save our budget to spend below than RM1000 for this trip...
Thanks to my friends, Wanie (travel partner) and 
Rosni (she not able to join due to exam.. may she pass and succeed her examination) 
that make the unplanned trip become reality and fun...

I lost my words...
Sleepy... T.T 
Goodnight readers and insyaAllah I will continue blogging....
Sorry a lot of grammar mistake...
OhMyEnglish... heehee
do correct me if I am wrong!!! Please my pleasure!!!



  1. woot woott! rinduuuuu krabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nangis skrg

  2. Wah best nyer!!!
    Rin, memang dah tradisi jgn sebut perkataan "buaya" kat sungai..huhuhu

    1. btoll... buaya...ular... T^T nasib baik tak jumpa!! mulut ni kene jagaa


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