Monday, October 29, 2012


Have you ever wondered about this?
the title for this entry?
"can we??"
the answer is

in ancient time...
we, muslim always say in whatsoever situations (that we really must do actually! but now, its lackinggg) YA ALLAH! YA ALLAH! YA ALLAH!
but them! they, the non-muslim HATE IT SOO MUCH!
they taught we just provoking it to them, that only us have god~ they dont~
they taught so....

but our intention is, we not provoke/boycot/gimmick to promote our god~ not like that...
but it is simply,without sudden..
its came out from our mouth,simply by saying "YA ALLAH!" 
see.... its simply saying that~
means that, we near to HIM..we MUST to near to HIM,our god, ALLAH...

so.... what they did is, they CHANGE~
they change the pronunciation of YA ALLAH to ALLAH YA ...
then, what they did?
they adds a lil bit, then its turn out HALLELUYAH/JAH/IAH.... 
so, what HALLELUYAH means? 

MR WIKI : Hallelujah, also spelled halleluiahhalleluyah, and the Greek and Latin form alleluia are transliterations of the Hebrew word הללו יה (Modern halleluyaTiberian halləlûyāh) meaning "Praise yeYah" or "Praise Jah, you people".The last syllable is from the first two letters of the name of God, YHWH (also transcribed JHVH)."Praise Jah" is therefore a shortened form of "Praise Yahweh" or, in another transliteration of the name, "Praise Jehovah".

its turn out to be OTHERS MEANING....
they are great in changing name... like Nuh to Noah, Isa tu Jesus, Ibrahim to Abraham~ and so onnn~
sigh..... do we really care about this???

the thing is, there was my lecturer was converted to MUSLIM.... 
Alhamdulillah, Syukran Ya ALLAH~
previously he is Christian, from UK come to Malaysia then he married to our local lecturer here, then he convert after confirm and believe in ISLAM... 
the story is.. he always say "HALLELUJAH~" 
then my fren ask me, "why he always say that word? can we say that?"
then im not sure enough, but im quite confident that "we cant say!" maybe there is a hot topic about this on FB quite sometimes, so its just give me a good flashback and confident about this~

really... in movies, there is a lot SONGS,SAYING about this... that make we,us MUSLIM confuse.. and we did not aware of those things... that might make us attract to say that without any harm to our IMAN...but if we care of our IMAN, we need to check back, need to search, need to confirm, 
"can we??"

so the answer is "N0!!!"
even they just changed the pronounce even the from the original word's, the meaning is not for ALLAH... so better say YA ALLAH!!!


you can watch the video here~



  1. kn sptutnye kte mslim x bleh prcye cte2 org fasik mlaenkn kte siast lu bnde tu...byk sgt bnde2 yg kte xtau asl dri mne but ikut je...x prnh trpkir pun ape bnde tu...ntah bleh wat o the conclusion is....ambik yg baik tnggalkn yg bruk...=)

    1. btoll~ sbb tu rin tgk remaja skang xske nak amik tahu!
      setakat tahu islam da cukup... tapi xmendalami isi2 tersirat dan tersurat ttg agama yang mereka pegang~
      hummm... rin pun masih jahil ttg islam... moga2 Allah sentiasa mmbuka hati kita sume untuk mengikhlaskan hati kepadaNYA...hanya kepadaNYA!


=) i wonder....