Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my experience about first day work~

huuuu so pampered~
thats because im always doing nothing at home when semester break~
but i change my mind....
i want to go to work....
just to have an experience~
but sadly, i dont get a job at bakery~
i really LOVE to work there...but...not my luck!!!
so , i got a job at watson...
gheee im shy!
cause just now, i have to give a pamplet of watson's sale for wesak DAY near the door to monorail huuu...
some of the people that smile and take my pamplet...
but for certain people just ignore me and go away~
(ahaha thats my habit when i see people with a pamplet or anything kind like paper)
but certain of the pamplet if i interested, i will take..but if not...i will ignore like ghost~

after that, i work from 9am until 7pm..
TIRED~ cause im just standing there and go around2 the watson to greet people if they in problem in finding things...but not all my greeting is success...i will ask somebody to help her....its just like a game...if i dont know to help the customer, i will fill lost...if i manage to help the customer,,,,im so happy~

justsoyouknow, as beginner or NEWER...always been strict by the manager..
but im not blaming them...that are their works...if they see us doing wrong,so they must be strict..ceehhhh, mcm bodek jek~ ;)

i really touch when i see this~
 during my break, i buy some bread at BREAD HISTORY and ice lemon tea at FRESH AND JUICY.. (i thought so~)..so there are a chair at the F&J so i sat there....a few minutes later, there are a married customer (maybe from america?? but who care) came to the F&J...they ordered papaya and grape juice...but this restaurant, has only 2 workers...the other one not there at the time,so just one worker left...
so , she cut the fruit, then she scream quietly, but us can here...
why?? she just cut her finger....you know its a big scar~so, the married customer feel pity on her, so the wife gave her a plaster...that plaster she buy from watson~ hehehe i guess so~ but,,,,dont you think they are well mannered??so hopefully we also can be the same...
even though not so humanity story..but i guess its a kind work to do....
if you in the same position at the married couple..
i dont think so...
maybe 50/50~heeee

so...tomorrow also the same time...the same place...different attire but same colours~^^
peace go to work!!!

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