Thursday, December 2, 2010

makeover recipe~

today recipe is "potato cake"

hehe~my version of potato cake...quite simple easy and delicious~u can make it in an hour...include preparation for your ingredients and tools to cook~

~for 5-6 people serving~

the tools are
-mixer or blender
-cutting board

now the ingredients
-5 potato
-5 red onion
-1 clove of garlic
-4 pieces of tomato (or more depends,like me i love tomato so i put more ^^)
-oil or butter
-veggie eg carrot, corn, and broccoli (optional)
-1/2 of the mince meat (either beef or chicken) ,but depends on you if you dont like to put it much so just a little like 1/4 and if you are vegetarian so replace it with mix veggie~-1 glass of tomato sauce
-a glass of dairy milk full-cream
-half a bottle 750g of chili sauce
-half a bottle 750g of soy sauce
-2 table spoon curry powder
-2table spoon black pepper-1 egg (optional)
-cheese in slices (optional)
the method
  • firstly you make sure you have already hot the oven for several minute for any reason i dont know why ,but my mom always ask me to do that... =)
A :
  • you boil the potato in a pot.
  • then peel the skin of potato.chop it in small size (easy to blend it later).
  • after you boil it,you can fried it up until the potato is turn in yellow-brown colour.(optional)
  • also you can skip the step 3, then you can blend the potato with milk in the mixer.make sure the potato become smooth.
  • you mix the tomato sauce , chili sauce, soy sauce, black pepper, and curry powder in a bowl.
  • heat an oil in the pot.the oil is approximately 1/4 of the glass.
  • after you have already chopped your red onion and garlic , you put all these in the pot.(AVOID THE ONION FROM OVER-BURN LIKE BROWN COLOUR)
  • then when you smell something nice that came out from the pot,you pour the sauce that you already mix in the bowl...
  • then you put mince meat in the pot.
  • you may add a several water to improve the flavour or to reduce the concentrated of the sauce..
  • taste may adjust the sauce by adding some salt, or curry or anything put some more my sauce are already have sugar, salt so i do not need to put any salt or sugar but just adjust the quantity of sauce to enhance the flavour..
  • then wait until it cooked.
  • then, glaze the tray with butter.
  • then you pour item in B in the tray.
  • after that, put slices of cheese on the item B..covered it up...(optional)
  • lastly,you put your item in A on top of it.meanwhile, you stir the egg,then you wipe the egg on top of the potato and cover it up.
  • lastly you bake it for 40 minutes with 170 degree.
  • then you can serve it with cut it in square shape....

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