Thursday, April 29, 2010

what I should be in the FUTURE!!

SALAM all~
ghee after studying at Matriculation for a physical course~
Now this is the time for me to think,WHAT I SHOULD be!!!??? for my career... =..=!
everyTIME when i meet somebody that older than me (especially), there will be a conversation about CAREER.ya,,, maybe it is a good talk for me in the future..for me to think more wisely to pick and choose a job...But hell ya,i dont know which road i have to go & IT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT QUESTION TO ANSWER COMPARE TO PSPM PAPER.... gosh i really relieve after studying there....SO THOUGH AND COMPETative with my frens!!but im kinda miss our MEMORIES!! ehhe seeing someone but not work out...I HOPE NOT! im bored with frustated in love!!im mean it...hehe but not for long~ =B hehhe notty
ehem...ehem.... back to the TOPIC!

i have met my counselor..but hehehe that time i still PLAY-FOOL~not matured yet...(=,= ithinkso )
sorry for MYself
so im not asking him about the future or jobs that suit us with our educational level..just about which University should we go,how the social life there,must active?,where should we live at hostel or rent a house and any SCARY STORY at University??..(that time i go with my few friends~)

than he said(after looking at us that really blur with University things 0.0? and again NOT MATURED students he ever have for this batch)..."choose a course that you want to take WHEN u in university,choose that u capable tooo..maybe the job is not ur interest but,sometime it helps you in the future if u really work out of it!".. ehhe kinda
but he said in MALAY...

huhh but its not settle anything,it is just a spirit for us for not GIVING UP...anyway THANKS SIR IMBI!
really appreciate with all ur supports~ahahha

now DEPENDS ON MY RESULT!if its better thats great =),if its **** just hope the good from this =(...

but wish me the best AND NEVER GIVE UP never-ever with any-any- test!!!!

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